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Want to laugh while being really healthy? We believe that best online health resources relate to breathing retraining methods. These techniques are promoted by Dr. Artour Rakhimov (Moscow University Honor graduate and PhD). He is the author and creator of

Very few people are aware that breathing more air is actually harmful to health. Yes, when you hyperventilate (during some types of laughter too), you diminish CO2 levels in the lungs reducing oxygen transport to the body cells.

How to breathe when laughing

The main problem with laughing and why people get heart attacks, asthma attacks and even seizures is that they simply breathe too much air. This causes less oxygen in the brain! Doctors call this effect “hyperventilation”. Therefore, laughing is usually hyperventilation unless you do it differently. How?

When you laugh, as during speaking, learn how to laugh with mouth closed, or with minimum mouth breathing. In fact, you can even teach yourself how to combine laughter therapy with reduced nose breathing. You can also learn how to make inhalations through the nose (not through the mouth) while laughing.

Most people inhale and exhale using their chest breathing, which is also known as thoracic breathing. It is not good. Why? Up to nearly 50% of all lymphatic nodes in the body are located just under the diaphragm. In addition, blood perfusion of the lowest areas of the lungs is over 5 times more intensive than the top portions of the lungs. For instructions on diaphragmatic breathing, see:

Here are some of top online pages that relate to great health and super fitness:

Stuffy nose, coughing and asthma breathing remedies: Amazingly, there is a simple solution to unblock a nose and even cure sinusitis with breathing exercises. You can hold your breath while laughing, and then breathe little air with air hunger. Rivers of mucus can be expected in 1-2 minutes if you can sustain air hunger for longer time. This exercise works even better when you do it with a good sense humor. It will help to laugh even louder later while inhaling theough the mose and using the diaphragm. For full instructions, head to Another method is here:

Furthermore,  laughing may cause an asthma attack, as many people noticed, but, if you breathe less air during your laughs, you can stop an asthma attack!

There are hundreds of success stories about stopping coughing with laughing, while holding one’s breath and getting more carbon dioxide in airways. Some folks claim that even laughing gas does not have this power to stop chronic cough. We found complete guide how ot stop couhing at night with a simple breath exercise:

As about sinusitis treatment, thousands of people treated their nasal congestion with breathing retraining: the new health fad after meditation. We suggest you visit website for most outstanding resources on breathing normalization.

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